This website is chiefly dedicated to my 1934 Norton 596cc ohc “BIG BANGER” and its possibly rather illustrious past. More detail on this intriguing machine is provided under its own heading.

While I have owned it since the early 1960’s I have only begun serious restoration and research on it in 2012, having allowed such trivial concerns as marriage, child rearing and being gainfully employed to distract me from the higher commitments of motorcycling.

As the headings on this website indicate, there are other motorcycles in my life. As I master the intricacies of web authoring I will try to provide their biographies also, along with some odds & ends of motorcycling curiosa and the odd bit of cantankerous soliloquising.

8 comments on “Kick-starting

  1. Malte Flagstad says:

    Hello Colin, happy new year.
    How are you progressing on the Norton? Would love to hear more.
    Kindest regards,

  2. Malte Flagstad says:

    Dear Colin,
    I am writing you all the way from Denmark, Europe, as I just saw your beautiful 600 cc Norton. As a custodian of 4 Nortons, a 1931 CS1, 1939 CS1, a 1950 500T and a 1955 International, you can tell I am a Norton enthusiast. The first three machines are running fine, the last one is an ongoing project.
    I need to ask you, if at sometime in the future you decide to party ways with the Norton, please do not hesitate to get in touch, as I would be very interested.
    All the best for 2014, kind regards,
    Malte Flagstad

    • Colin De La Rue says:

      Dear Malte,
      Thank you for your contact. That is a lovely group of Nortons that you list and I envy you having so many of them running. My 30/596 is now totally dismantled and will require a lot of work before it goes back on the road; it has had hard use.
      Certainly at this stage I have not considered parting with it, it is my highest priority restoration job at the moment. I will put your name on my list of interested Norton fanciers, but that is becoming a long list and it is headed up by my daughter who laid claim to it long ago in her ‘teens. She has made horrible threats about what she will do to me if I part with it to anyone else!
      I hope your New Year is enjoyable and prosperous. If you have time to email me with more information about your bikes I would be delighted.
      Colin DLR

  3. arno says:

    I own a 54 manx with the big banger manx engine ..
    I use it on road and it’s great to drive …

    • Colin De La Rue says:

      G’day Arno,
      A reply at last. It must be great fun, and must sound magnificent
      Would you tell me more?
      All the best,
      Colin DLR

      • arno sohm says:

        hello colin
        yes .. the sound is really great (of course .. as i use it on road I must have fitted a silencer).
        June 2013 I drove around 1200 miles without problems on legal roads, and some hillclimbing races in italy, switzerland and austria.
        arno …If you contact me, I will send you some pictures .. also, as i have made the engine by myself, I have som iteresting thigs for you ….

  4. Marilyn says:

    Looks great Colin

    • Colin De La Rue says:

      A reply about nine months late! I did try and thank you (much) earlier, but lost the text somewhere along the way.
      Thanks Marilyn, I might get the hang of all this some time!
      Colin DLR

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